Accurate Heart Diagnostic Center is pleased to announce that it is accepting referrals for all HEART TESTS including cardiology consultation.


Our company will provide healthcare professionals with a fast and efficient alternative for cardiac referral and diagnostic services and provide patients at risk for cardiovascular disease with optimal management by significantly reducing the cycle time from G.P. referral to diagnosis by a cardiologist.
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We are highly qualified and dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge and experience. Our Cardiologists are well experienced and diagnose reports in a timely manner. Our Sonographers and Cardiac Technologists hold licenses and affiliations required by law. We also speak different languages (English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Filipino) making our patients relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.


To provide accurate diagnoses using state of the art equipment and conducted by caring, knowledgeable professionals.  To ensure reports are complete and sent to referring physicians in a timely manner.  To ensure that patients are treated with compassion, respect and dignity while addressing their anxiety, concerns, and special needs.  To provide concise, definitive and clear information that will contribute to the overall management of patients.  To ensure staff are well trained and competent as well as having maintained their required continuing education.  To hold quarterly quality improvement meetings to monitor and maintain the high level of standards set out by CCN.  Ensure that tests done in our lab are appropriately ordered to improve patient care.

we are accredited by the (CCN) CARDIAC CARE NETWORK OF ONTARIO

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